Let's make this Valentines Day about sending some love to our beautiful planet!

1 heart part = 2 forks, 2 knives & 2 scoops

Help us save the world, one plastic fork at a time!

#HEARTPARTS: The biodegradable, reusable, shareable utensils.

Over 100 billion plastic spoons end up in this plastic soup every year!


What is a Heart Part?

Heart Parts are the latest in spork innovation. A cute and considerate alternative to disposable cutlery.  This sexy silverware is shaped like a heart, and snaps open to reveal two forks, two knives and 2 scoops.  Whether you are sharing your lunch with a loved one, or eating on-the-go, you will be eating with nothing but love.  Heart Parts come in 7 juicy colors.  They are sold individually, in boxes of 10 and in catering packs in our shop.

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Feed…as you eat.

Heart Parts were designed to remind us all, that the best meals are the ones that are shared.  But whilst most of us are not sure what to do with our leftovers, there are some parts of the world where people are lacking basic nutrition.  We want to try and bridge that gap so when you purchase a Heart Part, we donate 50% of our profits to our  \’have a heart program. Here, we ensure that you can extend your arms and share your meals with people who really need them. Please help us to put a little more love on peoples plates, and a lot more love in our planet by sharing our message with the people YOU love.

Feed as you Eat

Cute & eco-friendly???

We know it\’s hard to believe by looking at them, but Heart Parts are both biodegradable and totally reusable! Last year we threw away over 100 billion utensils into our landfill and oceans and we want to try and break that number in half.  We think you can have brains and beauty, so we designed the Heart Parts from the inside out.  yes, it costs us more money to be responsible manufacturers, but the thought of what it might cost our planet is worth every penny.

How we make Heart Parts

Wanna see the Heart Parts in action?Watch our Video here


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This little fork has big dreams!  It wants to impact the way eat, and the way we dispose of things.  If you dream of a planet where we can make a dent on world hunger and plastic pollution by simply changing the fork you eat with, we want you to join our team!  We promise to inject some love into your inbox every month.  And in return, we hope you will share that love and our message, with the people you love too. Feed as you Eat. Reduce your Forkprint. Share stuff. Its that simple.

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