N° 9,969 : iHeart winning GOLD!!!

 iHeart lunch! eating it. and exhibiting at it! spreading Heart Parts with meals on the go.  iHeart  participating in the innovation challenge. and i really heart WINNING GOLD!!!!

N° 9,970 : iHeart being in London. for LONDON2012!

 iHeart sitting 14 rows from where all the magic is happening tonight. at (rehersals for!) the London2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.  iHeart  the anticipation. the excitement. the sunshine!  iHeart  Danny Boyle. james Bond. and the NHS!  iHeart  the beautiful and brilliant Poppy. Who is welcoming team Cayman Islands tonight. Good luck Poppy. and Good luck Team GB!!!

N° 9,971 : iHeart a spoon swap. At Shanti Bhavan.

 iHeart these beautiful faces. at Shanti Bhavan. a magical school in Tamil Nadu, India.  iHeart  the inspiring Natasha Khanna. who has been shaping futures here. and is spreading the lunchtime love.

N° 9,972 : iHeart (and miss!) The Martha Stewart Show.

 iHeart Martha. But then again, who doesn’t?  iHeart  that I got to open a Heart Part with her on her show. cutting up some fruit. talking about being a ‘female entrepreneur.’  i (also) Heart  the reruns. so that i still get to have coffee with you in my mornings. Thanks for having me on the show. again! (photo credit: Rob Tannenbaum/The Martha Stewart Show)

N° 9,973 : Mayo Hearts Asparagus.

 iHeart Mayo. here she is in the south of Holland. on an asparagus farm. enjoying a culinary weekend. with a great chef. some delicious food. and lots of love.

N° 9,975 : iHeart our Video. and the Talented Film Maker Kiki.

 iHeart overnight flights. waking up in a different country. to a strong morning coffee. or a real cup of chai.  iHeart driving with my windows rolled down in the middle of winter. with the heater on. iHeart  going for a run. in a place i’ve never been before. getting lost. and finding my way back. iHeart  long dinners. with a table full of really good friends. dancing to really bad music.