Turning Food Waste

into Food Wealth.

Here are some crazy statistics for you.  100 billion utensils were thrown away last year. In the same year, 1 billion people died of hunger last year, even though we managed to produce enough food to feed the 7.2 billion people in our world 4 times over. Whilst some of us are carelessly wasting food products, others are devastatingly wasting away from hunger. Our throwaway culture needs some rethinking and we think we have found a solution.

What if we started paying for our cutlery instead of getting it for free?  Do you think we would be more careful about throwing it away?  We want you to start caring about your cutlery, your people and your planet (and we’re going to make it really easy for you to make a difference!)We make the cutest and most considerate cutlery on the planet.  We’re not asking you to buy the cheap ugly forks that you find at the supermarket.  We\’re asking you to buy the most handsome forks on the planet.  Heart Parts are not just good looking, but they are so much fun to eat with.  The best thing about eating with a Heart Part, is knowing that you are sharing your meal with someone who really needs one.  Think about breaking and sharing bread when you break open your Heart Part, because we promise to share half of our profits towards feeding those hungry people.

we threw away over 100 billion plastic utensils last year.  

Breaking it down, that’s…

plastic utensils every month!

plastic utensils every week!

plastic utensils every minute!


YOU can help us turn food waste into food wealth by supporting our mission.

This little fork has big dreams!  It wants to impact the way eat, and the way we dispose of things.  If you dream of a planet where we can make a dent on world hunger and plastic pollution by simply changing the fork you eat with, we want you to join our team!  We promise to inject some love into your inbox every month.  And in return, we hope you will share that love and our message, with the people you love too. Turn your plastic fork into a Heart part and Feed as you Eat. Reduce your Forkprint. and share stuff. Its that simple.

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