im fatima, Creator & Founder of iHeart THIS. The Heart Parts are my labor of love and I came up with the idea for shareable cutlery about 14 years ago.  It has taken all that time, lots of magical experiences, and many conversations over dinner with friends and family to get to this point.  I am so excited about being here.

This is my first invention in a series of products that i am fantasizing about in the back of my mind.  There are more clever little ideas on their way to you, but first we want to get Heart Parts in everyones hands and hearts.  Until then, I would love for you all to help me on my journey to attempt the bold and seemingly impossible.  I am hopeful that we can rethink our wasteful disposing habits into conscious and mindful methods of addressing plastic pollution and world hunger. 


Growing up, the dining table was where I would share food, conversation, and the end of my day with my family. Being from Indian ancestry, every time we ate indian food, we would tear up a chapatti and eat with our hands. There is something invisibly visible about the taste of food when it goes from your hand to your mouth. Its like tasting the kiss in a loaf of bread. But when you are living in a really expensive shoebox in Manhattan, where the dining table becomes the couch, and the kitchen becomes delivery, who’s got time to bake bread? I wanted to bring the union and romance of a sitting around the dining table with silverware, to the order of phad thai I was eating from my sofa. I kept thinking ‘Where did all the love go?’
That’s when someone i love bit me with the love bug. “I see hearts everywhere!” she kept telling me. They were in the shadows, in a bag of chips, in the gum on the sidewalks. Abstract and surprising. So she started to document them, and every time I would see one, I would take a picture of it and send it to her and other people that i loved. The moment I started sending hearts to people, I started receiving them tenfold. I would wake up to picture messages from friends of upside down bike seats and heart shaped puddles. It was beautifully cyclical and incredibly contagious. So contagious, I wanted to spread it. I thought about whether it was possible to spread the love, from the things we see, to things we think and say, and somehow inject it into the food we eat.


So, before you ‘Open’ your Heart Part, i hope you think about something you love. Maybe its the perfect pairing of steak and Jazz. Maybe its your dads spaghetti bolognese. Everything just tastes sweeter when you think about what you love before you eat, because now you are eating with gratitude.  And I hope you think about how good looking the Heart Parts are before you throw them away into the sea of 40 billion other plastic forks that contributed to the landfills and oceans in the US last year. They have been made with so much love, that i hope you will love them too much to throw them away. First you’ll think about hand/dish washing them to keep reusing them, next you’ll think about whether it will fit in your wallet. I thought about that too and designed them easy to wipe down, dishwasher friendly and small enough to fit in your pocket. Do all of those things for as long as you can, and if you do find yourself throwing one away eventually, know that Heart Parts are made with 66% less plastic than regular cutlery kits, and are also 100% biodegradable. I hope you enjoy disposing of them guilt free. And finally, when you break the whole heart into parts, I hope you know that you are in part sharing your meal with someone in the world who really needs one. With my ‘Have a Heart’ program, i am committed to contributing 50% of my profits towards causes that are close to our hearts. When you eat with a Heart Part you are in essence feeding as you eat.

I really hope you enjoy eating with them.  (FATIMA FAZAL : CREATOR & FOUNDER)



Being inspired is a such a gift.  I remember having my light bulb moment and being so excited to make it come to life.  The reality of it is much less romantic because in the space between that moment of genius and the ecstasy of seeing your product touch someone, is a lifetime of growth and hard work.  I always question how crucial my naivety was in keeping me in the race.  If I look back, the biggest strides I took were when I lost all fear.

If you have an idea, i highly recommend doing that first.  Loose your fear. Then own your idea, authentically.

Before starting this social venture, I worked on some really inspiring creative projects. From design think tanks in Stockholm, to film festivals in the Middle East.  I have even had the pleasure of working on a project with Richard Branson in Vegas. In short, I love ideas that emotionally connect with people.  If you would like to exchange brain waves over a project that shakes things up a little, please do get in touch with me.  In between spreading the love, I creatively consult and would love to be part of your creative conversations.  Otherwise, keep watching this space to see my future design fantasies come to life, and working hard and growing lots to make your own inner genius come to light too.