Creator & Founder
THE HEART PART The Heart Part is inspired in part by friendships, culture and creation. Part finding the hearts in things. part seeking the love in things. It is part educational, part hopeful. Part conversational, part considerate. And a fully functioning utensil that pokes, cuts and scoops.

I HEART-THiS ‘iHeart-this’ is quite simply about sharing the things we love, with the people we love. Born from the heart, my projects aim to shift perspectives on the ‘everyday’. For now, im tackling how we eat, and what we love. But watch this space for future musings on our ‘not-so-everyday’ world.

WHAT DO I HEART? iHeart tight hugs. and open minds. iHeart biking past people trying to hail a cab and hi-fiving them instead. IHeart hot sauce. and iced coffee. iHeart looking out of the window from a plane. Looking down and feeling high. Looking up and feeling tiny. And iHeart picture messages. especially heart shaped ones.